How to increase the number of students in your coaching institute

Students always try to find the best tutor. They will assess you based on your existing student’s success. If you can prove or highlight a student’s turn-around story, it might be in your favor. Like, 80+% students in your coaching class getting 90% marks in Board exams, 80% Student cracking IIT every year etc. 

Obviously, you need to work very hard to achieve this. Try these:-

1. Try to understand a student’s learning style and learning pace. Try to segregate students based on Learning Styles. Students with different learning styles must be taught differently.

2. Stay apt with the Syllabus, Questions, QuestionPapers. Study each year’s question paper and try to find a common trends. Use your skills to predict the next year’s question papers. If next year’s question matches with your suggestions, you will have a point to boast about.

3. Advertise in nearby Library, Book Store, YellowPages. Distribute Pamphlets inside morning newspaper. Hire someone to distribute Pamphlets infront of some popular local schools.

4. Think of a Referral System for students.

Let me also point out, coaching classes has their own advantages and disadvantages.


  • Operating in a small locality/area.
  • Marketing within the Locality needs less effort & cost. (Word-of-mouth)
  • Branding also requires less effort.
  • Not much competition.


  • Less number of students in a Locality.
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing will affect you heavily if there is any negative news.
  • New up-coming tutor can eat away your popularity, with a little extra effort. Soon you may be out of business.    

You can start tutoring online instead. Since internet is globally, your number of prospective students  will also increase.

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